Wild Crafted from Dhofar, Oman & distilled in Vernon, British Columbia

Pure & Organic Sacred Frankincense

These 100% natural products help restore dry and/or maturing skin, acne, scarring and many other skin issues. Nothing else is added to our products, they are pure and simple, containing no preservatives, no isolates and no “enhancers”.

When you breathe in the scent of Sacred Star, you are taking in the very soul and mystique of Oman’s Sacred Frankincense.

Our Skincare Line

Through our distillation process, we create: Omaneum Oasis Toning Hydrosol, Salalah’s Secret Cleansing Mask, Desert Sand Exfoliating Resin Powder, and Essential Oil Boswellia Sacra. 

The King of Frankincense

Sacred Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra) is famously known as the “King of Frankincense”. Only the most therapeutic grade resin, from the dwindling population of the wild Boswellia Sacra trees are hand harvested from the Dhofar Region of Oman. The resin is then brought to Vernon, British Columbia for distillation.

To obtain the highest concentrations of these beneficial elements, mainly Terpenes, Boswellic Acid and Incensole Acetate, our distillation process is extensively longer (12-16 hours) than industrial distillations.

Our Products

Our Sacred Frankincense products are sold in-store and online through Natures Fare Markets and other fine health food stores.  For information on Wholesale pricing, please inquire. 

Sacred frankincense


Pure, Organic, 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil has anti aging properties that help retain a youthful glow and regenerate prematurely aging and problematic skin. Sacred Frankincense can be very beneficial, not only for skin, but by diffusing can help with respiratory, hormonal, immune and anxiety disorders.  It can also enrich meditation, yoga and a deeper spiritual connection.

Omaneum Oasis


Omaneum Oasis is a natural aromatic water and pure product from the Boswellia Sacra resin distillation process. Hydrosol has anti-fungal, antiseptic and astringent qualities. It possesses limitless uses, from toning and tightening skin to after sun care. For a feeling of “uplifting” and to “refresh”, spray freely when desired.

Salalah’s Secret


Salalah’s Secret is made solely from the raw serum of Boswellia Sacra. This brings hydration, essential minerals and nutrients to the skin, protecting and allowing it to tone, lift and heal. It naturally slows the signs of aging, as it restores the natural beauty of dry and/or maturing skin.



This pure, fine powder of Desert Sand is ground from the “distilled” resin of the Boswellia Sacra trees, rich in the healing elements of Boswellic Acid.

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